rest in peace

I regret to announce that my cat, Barnacle, didn’t make it. He died yesterday, after a prolonged and spirited battle against the affliction that claimed him. He meant more to me than I ever thought a cat could.

This is a very tough time for me, and so for the moment, the guest comics will continue. I plan to write him a proper eulogy, truly express what I felt for him, but for now I am still in a state of mourning. To write about him fully will form a later part of the cathartic period.

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has seen me through this difficult time – in particular, my girlfriend Gemma, my housemate Shannon, and her girlfriend Cate. Without them this story would be quite different; sad as it already is, without their love and assistance it would be infinitely worse. Their love for Barnacle helped make his final days more peaceable, and without Gemma, I could not possibly say that we didn’t do all we could to save him.

I have also been blessed with the support of my many friends and co-workers, some of whom you have already been acquainted with, in comic format. As I said, this state of affairs will continue until I can bring myself to make humour again. As slapdash as my efforts can be at times, they come from a place within me that is currently without essence or energy. But it will return.

In the meantime, sit tight, enjoy the comedic stylings of the many people that I am fortunate to know, and spare a thought for the loved and lost.

And please. If you have a pet, and you don’t have pet insurance, get pet insurance. I cannot conceivably stress this enough. If you love them, they need it. For some it isn’t easy to afford such a thing, and I understand that. But if you can afford it, even if it means sacrificing something you regularly buy for yourself…please. Please get pet insurance.

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