i can do more than draw stick-dudes, yknow

Guys! Guys guys guys guys guys. I have amazing news.

I’ve started another website! It’s called Prosimian Media, and much like this comic, is nestled in the hearty and accommodating bosom of WordPress. It’s where I’ll be hosting my more weighty projects! Only one of these is currently available, a monthly comparative movie review called The Cage Match, but others are coming soon. If you want your finger on the pulse, I recommend following Prosimian Media on Facebook and Twitter. And have I mentioned how attractive your finger is? It’s all sculpted and whatnot. That’s a finger with…distinction.

You might also have noticed that this website, this very website, now has a more official URL! Yes, onlythetruest.com is now a thing that exists. Now when people ask you what kind of facts you deliver, you can say ‘Only the truest…dot com.’

But you don’t have to do that. Don’t embarrass yourself on my account.

Anyway, check out my other works! It is my profound hope that you are the opposite of disappointed.


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