oh fanbase, you’ve grown up so fast

So apparently I’ve crested six-thousand! There are now six thousand of you reading my comic.


I am thoroughly flabbergasted. Like a lot of people putting things on the internet, yes, I want people to see it. Yes, I want people to like it. But my day-to-day intention with Only The Truest Of Facts has never been ‘accrue a six-thousand-strong legion of dedicated viewers’. Or even ‘accrue a six-thousand-strong legion of casual viewers’, for that matter. Viewers was enough. Christ, this thing used to only exist on Facebook! And then I gave it its own space, and BOOM. I’ve been featured on Freshly Pressed twice, and now there are SIX THOUSAND OF YOU.

This must be how GLITTER feels. This must be how glitter feels ALL THE TIME.

To all of you, old-school readers and neophyte-internet-meanderers alike, I want to express my deepest gratitude. I can play all this off as ‘farting around on a Galaxy Note 3 once a day’, but then people tell me they like it, and I feel awesome. It’s heartening to know that something I make, something I believe in, is making people happy. Maybe not as happy as, say, heroin, or even a particularly well-cooked steak, but hey! A man can dream.

I hope this comic continues to be worth your time; I pray it continues to amuse. A brief slog through the archives will show that I’ve definitely upped my game in terms of visuals. As long as I’ve got an appropriate medium, this comic shall endure. I have spoken; and lo, it shall be so.

This year I intend to branch out into a few other projects as well. Without spoiling too much, it all comes under the auspices of ‘Ryan Morrison trying to be funny’, so any fans here should be able to port over without too much trouble, I hope. I shall keep you posted.

All six thousand of you.