Aced It

Nothing like a two year wedding anniversary (and attending a friend’s wedding two days before) to make one wistful about fried rice and YouTube preferences.

Here’s my read on it. You can make all the romantic claims you like, promising your paramour the moon. I certainly did, once! I ranted constantly about forever-afters and eternal vigils and all that. And for some, that’s fine. If it floats your boats, go for it. Buoy that vessel. Personally, I resented spending year after year of my life proving myself a fucking liar.

Settling down, to my eye, is nothing but little things. Little things all, comfortable moments and choices, back to back to back. It’s not for everyone, perhaps. We’re not for everyone. But guess what! You don’t have to be married to us. We got that covered.

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what do you have to say for yourself, hmmm

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