Bimillennial With Change

It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But there’s no great trick to it. I just keep making comics, even when I hate making comics. I suppose I’ll stop eventually, out of boredom or necessity.

But here’s the thing. Every now and then, I have reason to traipse through my own archive, and I’m surprised by my own work. Not just because I can’t remember what comics I made last week, let alone last year. And not because these comics are the best I’ve ever seen. They’re not, and they never will be. But many of my comics, in retrospect, seem better to me than they should be, than they have any right to be, based on how I feel day to day.

Throw in the occasional like and share from a friend or relative, and that’s enough for me. That’s more than enough.

So onwards and onwards I go!

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what do you have to say for yourself, hmmm

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