4 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Smith & Wesson

  1. Reblogged this on Beasley Green and commented:
    “Give me a fashion faux pas that I can’t solve with a loaded firearm. I dare you.”
    I like this line. It’s sounds like something the Joker would say to Batman when he’s had a suit redesign – not the Heath Ledger Joker, the Jack Nicholson Joker, but with the Christian Bale Batman.

      • I’m grateful at your perceived sense of my honouring you. Does that mean that you want to illustrate one of my posts? We can share the post, like a single piece of spaghetti spread across the blogosphere and sucked sincerely at each end by two random bloggers who, despite being total strangers, tacitly agree to stop sucking when within nose hair distance of each other. Although it isn’t a tacit agreement anymore because I’ve already mentioned it… damn!

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