The Warrior Within


Apparently the term ‘SJW’ refers to someone who fights against sexism, racism and bigotry. And apparently this term is an insult.

This is the STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard. Who doesn’t want to be a warrior? A warrior for AWESOME things?!

EDIT: Interested in seeing some comments to this comic that elegantly prove my comic’s point? Then scroll down, and have a gander!

9 thoughts on “The Warrior Within

  1. *I shriek about perceived injustices perpetrated against myself and other rich white women, fail to acknowledge my own privileges or actually alter my lifestyle in any meaningful fashion, and attempt to shame and criticize others for not doing the same.

    Fixed that for you

  2. I’m pretty sure that everyone in the world does “the right thing” according to their own perspective. SJWs just discriminate against anyone who has a different opinion to them.

      • Of course, you can call anyone you like out on any opinion you like. I support that wholeheartedly. However SJWs don’t necessarily always act ethically, so saying they always do the “right thing” is very misleading.

    • Right, right, right, let me get this straight… cos I think I’ve ALMOST got it… so people can be absolute twats and insult whomever they chose even if that insult is based on the other person’s gender, race, socioeconomic status or sexual identification, but if you got a problem with that, you just shut up? Because you have a different opinion and to speak that would be…. wait, I got this…. would be discriminating against them? cool. I’m so glad for the lesson. I thought being good was something completely different. OH CALAMITY!

      • I’m afraid that you’ve straw-manned what I said and completely missed the point of my comment.
        Your opinion is that you are correct, and presumably the other person is also of the opinion that they are correct.
        In this situation the your opinions just differ, and each one might be equally valid. There is no absolute standard of what is “right” and what is “wrong”, it’s largely a matter of perspective, and personal ethical/moral philosophy.
        In some situation both parties may actually be “right”, because in some cases there is no absolute best answer, and in that case you need to agree to disagree.

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